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Does anyone know if the tube adapter 45mm/52mm from the Z2 will work on the Z3? I have a lot of accessories for my Z2 since it was stolen and I want to know if I just order another tube adapter for a Z2 that it will work on my Z3.

I can't seem to find anything on KM's website. Today I was looking on eBay and I ran across this item which makes me think that it won't but I haven't heard anything back from KM on this.

They say the Z3 has 46.5mm/55mm adapter. So if this the case I should have to buy new 2x convertors and .25x as well in a 55mm size. They do offer a 46.5/52mm adapter but it seems more logical to go with the larger size to reduce the chance of vignetting.

OK, I was able to answer my own question. I just learned that the Z3 needs the ZCA-300 adapter and the Z1/Z2 takes the ZCA-100.

Any thoughts about going with the 55mm vs 52mm filters/convertors? I hate to buy all new unless I'll get a substantial improvment.

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