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Forgot one important thing.

ALWAYS's focus on the eyes, reframe and shoot.
The eyes have it so to say, if those are not in focus the shot is in 99,9% ruined.

Also alway's remember that when someones sits or holds their head there can be rimples, avoid that, those can also appear on certain poses, alway's try to keep the skin flat, real problem area's are chin and neck, take extra care there.

And one last thing for now .
When you photograph with hands or other parts in the shot alway's take care they don't take over the picture, the main point should normally be the face.
When for example you photograph a head on a knee take care the knee doesn't take the shot instead of the head.

And remember (Sorry to keep on going) that things closer to the lens will look BIGGER than in real life (remember what you American's put on mirrors of a car ) depending on your lens size this can be huge to a bit bigger.
Especially with wide angles this effect is seen, see example.

Wide angle

Normal lens

And most of all HAVE FUN !!!
I do and most of the time it pays off .
Browse through my pictures and just ask what you want to know

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