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:O I am in the market for a new digital camera – my Kodak DC260 (1.5 megapixels) is dying after about 5 years. I thought I had a good 5 meg camera picked out but I am not too impressed with the sample pictures that I have seen from that camera. I like to take scenic pictures, sports shots of my kids, and even a few weddings (not professional of course). From my regular SLR days I want to again have aperture priority, shutter speed priority, manual, AF and manual focus, image stabilization would be a plus, compact SLR-like is what I am looking for. I think I want a good 8 meg camera instead of a 5 meg. It is not that I print large photos - 8x10's are pretty much the largest I would want to print and I mainly look at the photos on a computer and send them through email after downsizing them. One thing I think I could use an 8 meg camera for is that lately I have been playing with putting together slide shows and I have been using ProShow Gold – the new version that has the pan and zoom features (I think this is sometimes called the Ken Burns effect) which needs fairly high resolution at times to keep the scene from pixelating(sic). I was also wondering about newer printers – they seem to be going to higher and higher resolutions so that it might be worth buying an 8 meg to take advantage of some of the latest printer advances.

I have looked at some reviews of the 8 meg cameras and I have been looking hard at the Olympus C-8080. From what I read, I really like everything about this camera except the limited zoom lens – 28 to 140 mm. I was hoping for at least an 8X optical zoom. I know Panasonic has a couple of telephoto lens attachments for this camera but I found this to be very clumsy with my DC260 and do not think I want to repeat that process. The reviewer liked the way the C-8080 camera transitioned from optical to digital so I was wondering about the digital zoom of a high resolution camera. Is zooming to, say 10X(5x optical and 2x digital), with the C-8080 camera similar to a 4 meg camera with a 10X optical zoom? The example photos seem really good from the C-8080 so I am leaning this way.I don't want a full size DSLR - I need compact for my life style.

Anybody have any good recommendations for me – get a 5 or an 8 meg camera and how about a couple of specific model suggestions?
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