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I recently had a friend staying who has bought the 8080 whereas I have the 5060, and at first I was most impressed with the 8080. However, after we had played a bit and printed the results, there wasn't enough in it for me to justify the difference. Cropping before printing achieved the same results and the 5060 is lighter and easier, both having the important wide angle for scenic, family and indoorshots. However, to take scenic pictures on one hand and sports on the other will not make either camera a good compromise I fear, since like most prosumer cameras they suffer from focus and shutter lag for action shots. My friend had a lot of shots of an empty race track after the car had gone! Both cameras will provide prints to the size you need, and I have had good results at up to A4, plus of course you have full manual control when you need it. I'm not very up on the other long-zoom prosumers I'm afraid but I would put the question very carefully about shutter delay before buying. I do have though, the Nikon D70 with the kitlens 18/70 plus the70/200 lens and while we are not in the same ballpark the results are stunning, printing even up to A3+.

Incidentally, I have the new Canon i9950 printer (9900 in the USA) and swear by it. The smaller A4 version is apparently just as good.

Best of luck

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