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code wrote:
I was aware of the differences in angle between the two, but not thatit was that big. The Sigma seems to cover approximately 6.5 Mp of the Kodak sensor's area.
Yes, there is a big difference between these images (and because they were taken from two different camera positions, it's difficult to say for sure how much the difference really is).

That's why it's a good idea to use controlled conditions when making comparisons. There are simply too many variables if you don't (lighting conditions, camera settings, angle of view, etc. -- not to mention the difference in lenses in these two examples).

code wrote:
And since it has 3.4 Mp at it's disposal and still manages to wipe the floor with the Daks 6.5, I still:love: this sensor.

And I don't care much about standardized tests either. I need to see the output for myself, which is why I bookmarked this site years ago.
The conditions, angle of view, lens types, etc.were not the same (or even close).Your initialconclusions that the Sigma was capable of resolving more detail than a 14MP Bayer Type Sensor (when the building occupies a much larger percentage of the frame in the Sigma Image) only emphasizes why standardized tests are needed.

Look, I'll be the first to admit that resolution charts never tell the whole story. However, when making comparisons between models, you do need controlled conditions.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving this sensor. Many Sigma users do.

Lin already pointed out thatreviewers have foundresolution from Sigma SD9/10models isvirtually identical to models with6 Megapixels bayer processedsensor resolution. Lin was not trying to take anything away from thesemodels (and in fact pointed out that they are wonderful cameras).Lin only wanted to make sure forum users were aware of the facts:

Lin Evans wrote:
Though I admire the enthusiasm of SD9/SD10 fanciers, the fact remains that these cameras have close to six megapixel bayer processed sensor resolution, but in no way do they remotely even approach 11 megapixel EOS-1DS Canon resolution which is considerably below the resolution of the 14 megapixel Kodak Pro line 14n/SLR/n range. They don't reach the eight megapixel resolution of the EOS-20D or EOS 1D Mark II either.

The SD9/SD10 are wonderful cameras which offer amazing resolution and some of the sharpest pixel level detail of any digital camera, but resolution is measured by an agreed upon standards calculated by lines pairs per mm and by lines per image height.Numerous professional reviewers have measured the resolution of the SD9/SD10 and found it approximately identical with the six megapixel Canon, Nikon and Kodak dSLR cameras and far below the highest resolution dSLR's.

As good as it is folks, let's not get carried away with exaggerations...

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