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Thanks for the heads up, JimC. But I'm still not aware of the 'facts'. To me, a choice of digicam
is subjective. I decide what camera is best for my own use and preferences! Not industry experts.

What I do I zoom in and check if the image looks like it's real life. Like if you hear the news
report on your expensive stereo, and imagine a real human sitting right before you?

That's it, and no standardised tests in the world is going change the preferences of a camera once
it passes this one.

The closest thing I've seen so far to real life is, incidentally the Siggys sensor, and I expect
all sensors to be built this way in the future.

Also note that I sprinkled my initial post with some 'seems to' an 'If I didn't mess up's. I really
don't need to be brushed off as a fanatic based on that, do I. 8)
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