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Compare this fact with any PSD on the market -

on 1 set of AA battery,

PD7X copied 35.1G of data from CF card

That is truely AMAZING Performance

Aluminiun case - Very strong and light - look at the beautiful photo at the bottom

A very good FAQ can be found here

This is the BEST PSD I own so far, It would take a long while for

other manufacturer to catch up to PD7X's performance in every

aspect and durability (nice aluminiun case), however I am also

hoping to see some similar products from Nikon or Canon

because of their build quality, they surely realized PSD is a

necessity for DSLR users or even a compact to normal size

digital camera user (5, 7, 8mp CCD)

For the info on build in Charger please see below

Quote from dpreview forum by Paul Chen -

The build in charger is so good I end up (open/close the door) on the daily basis

and hope + pray the poor battery door hinge and clip will take up the abuse.

the 8 hour "Slow" charger does a wonderful job charging and maintaining the

battery, the battery is really "FULL Capacity" and does not even feel warm after

charging overnight, I really notice the difference on my power hungry Metz flash

gun, and I just realized my Powerex AA battery was never fully charged before

on the Maha 401's charger (fast mode),

From now on I will try not to charge my AA in Maha unless I really need them in

a hurry

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