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At the heart of the matter is I have hundreds, if not thousands of photos, that are in file folders, but not organized by Date Taken. Canon in their infinite wisdom will not let you use the software to read from a directory instead of a camera or flash card and save according to the Date Taken. I have been copying files up to a Flash card just to get ZoomBrowser to read it and sort it down. What a pain. Also, one of the past versions of ZoomBrowser would not allow you to read non-Canon taken pictures. My wife has a Kodak camera, so I was unable to upload those pictures by Date Taken due to Canon's great foresight and controlling nature. They have removed that limitation in the latest version. Finally, the ZoomBrowser is just a pain in the A to work with. It takes all of this time to shutdown the browser to load the reader program and then closes that program when you are finished uploading and reopens the browser again taking a lot of time.

If I want to transfer files from a folder, camera, or card it should be a quick easy processes with reports indicating what it intends on doing and what it did. Again, DateTree is ideal from a user interface (simplicity & robust), but alas it is MAC.

BTW, I spoke with the programmer of Downloader Pro and he confirmed the directories are built based on date modified and not EXIF date taken. He considered and is reconsidering Date Taken as an option, but thought the transfer time was greatly increased slowing down the transfer process to a point of detriment. I personally think the download process and time for only the download portion of ZoomBrower is acceptable….it is the switching back and forth between the Browser and Download program as well as thegeneral kluge nature of their product that I dislike (besides of course the fact that you can not point to directories rather than a flash card and camera)

Thanks again for all of your interest and assistance.

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