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The problem is that I have photos that have never been organized in the first place or were organized poorly and now I am paying for it. By poorly I mean I created a directory labeled x date to x date so I knew what the range of dates of the pictures in that subdirectory (i.e., Jan 1 thru Feb 2 1999). This obviously was when digital cameras just came out.

So with that being said, I also have a few pictures that have been modified (not by my hands as I am a purist and always retain the original seperately). Thus, I have a mix of pictures having the original modified date that equals the Date Taken and others where the modified date does not equal the Date Taken in the EXIF. Can you say YUK. Therefore when you use programs that claim to organize folders by the Date Taken and they use the modified date, you get two different directories for pictures that were taken at the same time.

A worst case scenerio would be those poor people who use Picasa and have it save in directories of what ever label tickles their fancy at the time (OMG-That would be my wife).

With all that said, I think I might have just come across a viable solution, but will know better later this week when I have time to play. The software is called cam2pc.

But you have to use their 4.4RC1 release to have most of the functionality I have been stating.

Let me know what you think and I will plan on providing my assessment later this week.

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