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Vito, You are right it will probly be slow I have not used this lens soI can not comment on the sharpness of it.. But as far as lenses go trust me you get what you pay for.. but as you evolve with your equiptment you will find that the lenses you use most will be f 2.8 and that is why they are so expensive.. Demand! This lens may be a good starter lens for you but as you collect them it will go deeper and deeper in your bag.. AVery good lens i use a lot of the time is the Tamron 28-75 sp af asperical xr di f 2.8 macro about $399 B&H.. This is a awsome mid priced.

Have you looked at the nikon d-70? I have only shot the 70. but if i had to decide between the two.. it would be the 70 for one reason Flash sync speed, the 70-1/500. The Rebel-1/250.. For fast action flash capture and a f2.8 you are there... thats my 2 cents worth good luck.... Dale

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