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I am so confusedwith the fact that everyone loves this lens. I bought one from B&H via mail order last weekand when it arrived I made a whole set of test shots comparing it to the rather low quality 18-55 I got with the Digital Rebel kit. Once I downloaded the pictures and compared them, I could not even tell the difference between the lenses. I made more test shots with tripod, self timer and all, and again, the L lens was just as un-sharp as the 18-55 at all apertures. I couldn't see a difference in color saturation either. I thought about it for a day, and then returned the 17-40L to B&H. If I can't tell the difference, why pay $700. Could it be that I received a bad lens? Maybe Canon will replace this lens with something a little better in a similar price range. I would be thrilled...
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