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In this shot I tried to associate the parfum to an appropriate background.
In this case I selected a jeans shirt cause I thought this parfum had a young target.
I polished the parfum and I placed it in the shirt and I set up its folders around it.
A black paper was uses as a background.
The shot has been taken in macro mode with natural light.

P.S. :
- Automatic contrast
- Backgound selection
- brightness set to 0 to get a perfect black background
- Picture rotation to have the left side of the parfum vertically aligned
- No perspective correction : I liked it this way
- crop
- dominant color correction , leaving a certain cyan component
- unsharp mask tool
- some clone stamp of dust and unwanted reflections on the parfum
- "Pour Homme ..." writing selection and brightness enhancement
- some big soft burn brushstrokes on the jeans tissue.
- Added a new layer with a diagonal gradient ( white to black , blend mode set to overlap ) in order to have the parfum brighter than the jeans in the lowest part of the shot

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