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Beverly W wrote:
Steve posted his review of this camera. I am not at all impressed with either the 12mp or the 6mp pictures. Oh well. This camera had looked so good on paper, but I will just have to wait for something better to come along.
Here's some more pics of the Fuji E550 and F810. If you look at the grass picture details towards the ledt side of the picture, it looks rather muddy/soft. The background details also don't look too sharp. Noise is kept well under control though and the colors look good.

I'm am more impressed with the Panasonic FX7 pictures. Comapre them and you'll see more detail in the pics. More sharpness.

BTW, its younger brother, the Panny FX5 beat out all cameras in a 12 camera shoot-out in the August ed. of the UK mag "Digital Camera Shopper" (now a B&N). Such other cameras it beat out were the Sony p93, Minolta G600, Fuji F710, Olympus C-60, Pentax, Ricoh, etc. All these cameras were 5-6MP range except the 4MP Panny. It beat out all others in the detail dept. even....thus proving once again that the higher MP rating doesn't mean better quality.

If the FX5 is this good, then this month's upcoming Panny FX7 must be markedly better with the upgraded Venus 2 engine (already drawing raves on its bigger zoom cameras) and other refinements like it's Optical Image Stabilizer system--not available on any P&S camera. This system DEFINITELY helps with sharpness of pics in lower light pic taking--no question about that!

Take a look here:
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