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thanks alot for taking the time to post...

it may be cliched, but it is true at least for things that i know of (i don't know a whole lot about lenses and quality and such as you can see )

well, my concern isn't so much about the speed, being i'm probably gonna be shooting landscapes and still life shots (note the important word there "STILL life" )

i may....if i get brave enough, try to get some birds...but they'll be ducks, geese and maybe a heron....nothing too small and crazy


wow, a 28-300 sounds like it would cover most of my range...would that work with macro at all? i would think i'd need to be far away to focus, but it will still focus within, let's say 10 feet? right?

if i got that, all i'd need is a nice super wide, and i'd be set...

i think...

that would keep me under 2,000 i think, if i got the rebel...

thanks for all your help!

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