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Added the Samsung A6 (just like the A5 only 6MP) and moved the Fujifilm F810 into the list "available" in the USA (not until October).

I also found the type of QuickTime used on the Nikon 8700, Nikon 5200 and Olympus C-770 is the .MOV format.

I had wondered if the quality of the movies would drop using MPEG4 since the file size is just a tiny fraction of all the other formats. Since the Olympus C-770 does both MPEG4 and MOV formats I looked at that review. Steve used the same scene using two different settings and the MPEG4 quality was really bad (very bad pixelation). I then went and looked at all the other samples of MPEG4 at 30 fps at 640x480 that I could find on this site and found that ALL of them were much lower quality. I am not willing to make to trade of longer filming time for this much reduction in quality. I had heard people saying they only wanted MPEG4, but unless some manufacturer can do a whole lot better than what I saw on these cameras, I now say anything BUT MPEG4
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