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A company in Taiwan is manufacturing an SD type card that is capable of holding up to 2 TB of data. It will also have transfer speeds of up to 120mb per second, it will be on display at a technology show in Taipei in October this year. Now by my calculations, using say the EOS 10D which has raw files of around 6MB, you will be able to shoot over 300,000 pics before running out of space....the shutter will give out first!! I know sensors are getting bigger, but where will this all end? Do we really need all this card space? Would like to hear peoples views....

Needless to say, I am a techno freak, and find all this fascinating. If someone had told me, back in 1980 (Using an old Chinon CM-4s) that in 25 years time, I could hold half a million photos on a bit of plastic the size of a peppermint, I would have thought they were mad!!!

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