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FaithfulPastor wrote:
Well, it's October, has anyone heard any news, I mean any news from Minolta on their digital SLR?

I can't believe it's taking this long.

I am starting to believe it is being delayed because they encountered problems they can't overcome. That's a re-assuring thought when they ask you to plunk down over a thousand bucks!
Nah... Konica-Minolta has always said that it would not be available until this Fall.

The product was officially launched via a press release on the September 15th:

You can also find a lot of samples with beta firmware (mostly v0.10) floating around the net (Japanese web sites showing photos from it, users that appear to have fully functional pre-release cameras, etc.). So, it's definitely real.

Heck, as far back as August, a reputableposteron a forum inGermanyreported using the camera (but he would not give out details, because he was under a Non-Disclosure Agreement at that time).

BTW, the photos that were apparently "leaked" by a user back in August of the camera, match up to the camera that Konica-Minolta is showing atPhotokina, and in their press release from2 weeks ago(and they have a working camera at this weeks show in Germany).

KM now has firmware version 1.0 samples on their web sites (a good sign that they are probably satisified with it for production). Although, I wish they would post some more, and hurry up and deliverthe camera to reviewers and dealers. ;-)

I am impressed with the samples they've posted so far with 1.0 firmware (check out the colors in the image on the right).

Dealers in some countries have started accepting pre-orders (although I doubt it will be "on the shelves" until next month).

Pricing so far on sites taking pre-ordersoutside of the U.S. appears to be about the same as the EOS-20D (but I'm sure thatprices will "firm up" some as we get closer to delivery).
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