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mason&maggie wrote:
Thank your very much ttretas!your suggestion isvery helpful for me.

Can you explain more clearly about what is wrong with Coolpix 5200? Comparing their prices, Nikon's is higher. Moreover, as far as I know, the lens of Nikon is the best in the world.

Thanks again for your time!
mason&maggie, these two cameras are quite different and target different groups of photographers. Coolpix 5200 is a very compact fully automatic camera aimed at the casual snapshotter or a novice photographer. Canon A95 on the other hand is bulkier and has a lot of manual control. Its target user groupis, more experienced photographers or users that is likely to get more technically involved in photography. It is up to you to decide to which of the above groups you belong and try to predict how you interest in photography is likely to grow. In terms of image quality the Coolpix 5200 (and most point and shot cameras) is optimised to give a good result with minimum user input. A95, IMO is capable of delivering betterimages in the hands of a person that knows how to handle the manual overrides. About the Nikon's lens I'm sure it is a fine peace of glass, I'm not sure it is the best in the world though. Judging optical quality of compact digicams is a tricky business, because the end result depends on many other things, how the image is processed by the camera, how it is viewed etc. To me the Coolpix 5200 is a bit overpriced. You can get equally capable and well build cameras for less.
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