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Oh yes, the S7000 is lovely - but it's a whole tier higher in the price spectrum.

As 4 MP long zoomers go, my alternate choice, if I had 30% more buying power

(though even I can'tgrovel much more than I already have) and if I weren't

quite as obsessed with sheer physical beauty as I am, would be the

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ15

nicely reviewed here at Steve's

(incidentally, I can't get the last page "Conclusions" of that review to come up).

Although I'm already wed to the S5100 (Santa's elves are already building mine)

I do have some small reservations about it.

When Steve's review

demonstrated so much vignetting, I thought,

"Ya, but only in the upper left, his unit must be defective,

surely if the optics were being stretched too thinly, Fuji would

at least center the exposure on the CCD, minimizing the vignetting

by distributing itto all four corners."

But alas, I have seen the same upper left vignetting in sample photos posted here

as for example in their image #2283.

Perhaps more disturbing is their image #2282.

The vignetting is in the upper left again, but wait,

that's a portrait orientation, so, unless the image has been flipped,

that vignette is either upper right or lower left "as the camera sees",

suggesting that the fault is not limited to that corner of the CCD

but rather that it is distributed evenly and will show up in whichever

corner receives those lighting conditions.

(Ok, perhaps I should have understood that in the first place, but I didn't.)

I begin to suspect now, therefore, that vignetting may prove to be a problem

with all S5100s.

But hey, not every picture is going to haveblue sky in the corners, and,

I tend to crop most of my pics anyway, so... I can live with a little vignetting.

Looks like I'm going to have to.



Notice, I've kicked my emoticon addiction. :lol:

Oh no... I've relapsed! :angry:

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