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Before I forget is should say my camera is a Nikon D100.

I'm a novice at all this so when I bought a lens I took the suggestion on the salesperson and purchased a UV filter to protect the lens. Other than a polarizer this is the only filter I have so it's used outdoors day and night and indoors.

I don't think I have any problems with the outdoor shots, (I'm color blind so if the grass isn't quite the right shade of green I don't necessarily see it), but the indoor shots usually need a lot of help from Photoshop.

The indoor shots are being taken in the "Program" mode with everything at the factory settings and I try not to use the flash. Much of the time skin tones seem to come out with what I see as a yellowish – orangeish tint.

Now I'm seeing there are Skylight filters and Clear filters. The write-ups for Skylight filters start to boggle my mind – there are various types but they seem to have same outdoor effect – but they all have a light pink color. :?

I'm beginning to feel I should get a clear filter and then work from there.

There's a lot of knowledge on this site and I would like to ask for suggestions on what would be the most practicable "protection filter" to have.

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