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1) the shutter it focuses, and takes the picture...most cameras allow focus locking, so you can hold the shutter button halfway down to focus, then it'll take the shot much faster...

2) slow shutter further information on how to avoid motion blur, you'll want to look up some books...practically any photography book will help you there...even old film ones, as long as they have a section on "Exposure"....the shutter speed will probably have to be as fast or faster than 1/60th of a second, but, your lighting situation won't always allow that, so you have to learn how to compensate for bad lighting...


lol..ok, other than tripod, you'll want shutter speeds to go slower than 10 seconds...i've seen them with 15 and 30 seconds...but, if you really want to take NIGHT'll want a "bulb" setting...

well, hope this helps!

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