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Damn! Bobc, I can't oops you off anymore! Ha ha ha. Suppose that's a good thing. You pass the test. You're cured.

But by the way, just 'cuz the newer models, like Pana, try to cram more an more pixels into the sensor - increasing noise, doesn't mean that that's what they were initially designed for. I'm seeing no big improvements in image quality, and more complaints of noise in the reviews I'm reading. Overall, improvements across the board for all manufacturers seem to be corrections in the processing engine where earlier models overshapened or over compressed images. Like the "FZ-25" will correct the ugly greens that are turning up under certain conditions with the FZ-20, a problem absent in the earlier FZ-1. Anecdotal, but things seem to be moving backwards not forward for the reasons cited above... Kinda like the software industry did for a time. More features, higher price, and many more bugs and security issues. Digicams now have more features, more megapixels, and more processing issues resulting in crappier images than they did a few years ago in many instances.
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