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Good info NickTrop. THANK YOU!!! I have purchased a FZ20 and still have another week to decide if I want to keep it or return it for a full refund. I must say the shooting performance of this camera is excellent. The ergonomics, speed and general outlay of the camera is very good, but I've taken a lot of pictures in the last week, and have tried many settings, and have been disappointed with the image quality. The noise issue is definitely a very large one to consider. I shoot lots of landscapes and night photos which are subject to low light and longer shutter speeds. Although harder to use, my little Nikon 4300 seems to produce cleaner and more pleasing images that the FZ20 under these conditions. That's because of the sensor size, no doubt (4mp's on a 1/1.8" sensor), compared to the smaller FZ20 sensor. In good lighting conditions, the FZ is good. I have little or no issues with the image quality, but those aren't the conditions I always shoot in. I tried something yesterday that produced some cleaner images - I set the size of the photos to record at "fine" and down to 3mp, and they were definitely cleaner. Which I guess again proves your point NickTrop. I feel like I'm buying useless pixels. Right now, it looks like I'll be returning this camera, and will probably take the plunge for a SLR, or just keep plugging along with my 4300 and it's slow performing pitfalls. The bottom line for a camera to me is image quality, and I don't think the FZ20 is producing images that I expect it to. Most will probably blame me for not knowing the camera etc., but I've used all the settings, auto through full manual, iso at 80, and NR on high, but the results have been consistent. This will probably upset a lot of FZ'ers, so you have my apologies, but I think NickTrop is correct. Thanks again NickTrop for the info. I bought the FZ20 hoping it would be what I was looking for: performance wise, it exceeds it, but image wise, it is failing. Believe me, I wish it wasn't the case. If anyone does know some way to reduce the noise in camera(other than the obvious), while shooting in low light conditions, it would be helpful. I do want to keep this camera ......thekman.
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