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Yes, it's interesting stuff about the pixel myth. My sister in law was the first person I know to own a digital camera, and it was I believe a Pentax e100(?). It had 1mp and the images are what caught my interest in digital photography. It produced excellent pictures at 1mp. The noise levels werequite low, and detail was very good. Seems a shame like you say about the current race for more pixels.Ken Rockwell saysSLR's are the way to go for noisebeing under control and itonly makes sense. More room for the pixels, larger pixels, and less of them.I plan to experiment some more in the next few days. Might lower the resolution down to 2 mp and see what occurs. It'd be a shame to have to pay $1000 (I live in Canada so it's very expensive), for a 5 mp camera that produces better images at 2 or 3 mps. I'll let you know what I find............thekman
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