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EOS RT wrote:
Image Stabilization is quite low on my list of priorities. I've lived this long without it... as well, it increases battery drain significantly.
IS is very important to me... but then again I'm a newbie, and likely won't use a tripod

I realize that no camera has every feature we want (which is why I'm still looking for the 'right' camera).
You are looking for a perfect camera that will never exist--unless you go into the high-end prosumer or pro cameras.

This crap is simply too contrived for me. Panasonic could have put the missing features I've mentioned into the FZ-20 very easily, without asking for a significantly higher price. Surely they realize that people want these features - there are numerous mentions of these omissions on the FZ-10 on every camera message board. That they refused to include these features in the FZ-20 demonstrates a blatant disrespect to the very people who are responsible for their very existence - the customers.
At this price range (not sure about FZ20 but definitely FZ3 and FZ15 price range), you will always have something missing. If you look at the competitor cameras, they are missing something too. The price is too low for them to put everything in...

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