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JohnG wrote:
...Why is shooting in Tv with ETTL a bad thing when using the flash? What does having both the camera AND the flash in manual buy you - over say having just the flash in manual? Just trying to learn from everyone else.
1. Shooting in Tv with E-TTL will not let you control the aperture -> in case you need to control the DOF.

2. E-TTL is an evaluative system based on the AF points... depending on where the camera focuses -> you can end up with overexposure if the AF sensor lands on a dark spot, or underexposure if the AF sensor lands on a bright area. The 10D and dRebel do not take the distance information into consideration.

3. Shooting with the camera on manual will let you control both the shutter and the aperture while the flash is still on automatic E-TTL. The difference here is the exposure is not based on the AF points area anymore, but rather on a center-weight averaging -> more consistent exposure!

4. Shooting with both the camera and the flash on manual will allow you total control of the exposure -> you determine what it is and not the camera
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