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Hmmm, these are the first comparison photos I've seen. I didn't see any opinions posted by the dcresource people, but in my opinion it's like I thought, I think the Canon has a slight edge in detail. But the Sony is shooting at a slightly higher ISO 100 than the Canon 50 (I know that they are probably a little closer in reality) and they both have different saturation values. In my opinion, not enough difference to make or break either camera. I'd say that if the person shopping for a prosumer type camera is not happy with either of these they should start looking at dSLR instead.

Anywho, I'm happy with my results so far with my V3. I also like that the camera holds both memory stick and compact flash at the same time. I have a couple mem stick pros. I going to use a 1GB compact flash as my main card... when it get's full I can flip the switch and go to my 256mb memory stick pro. Kinda like having a reserve back-up tank!
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