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Well, I am about dizzy trying to choose my next camera. I have 2 now, the Olympus 3030Z (which I've loved) and the wife's Olympus Stylus 400 (not so much). I'm not held to the Olympus brand, but in the past I've been happy with the battery life and image quality, particularly in natural light conditions (again, not so much with the Stylus).

So, I want an ultra zoom camera. 8X or greater. The problem is I keep finding deal-killer negative features that keep me from buying one.

The first one I really liked was the Canon PowerShot S1 IS. I love the image stabilizer feature. I keep hearing that you can't get a crisp picture, at full telephoto, without a tripod and this seems to solve the problem. Good reviews, but only 3MP. I'd like at least 4.

The Olympus UZ770 looks fantastic. The big killer for me here is the electronic viewfinder that blacks out when a picture is taken. I regularly use my 3030s optical viewfinder to continually track a moving object (bird, skier, kiteboarder, etc.) so specially with the long shutter lags, this is a must have feature (not blanking).

So, I'm begging for any suggestions on how to proceed. I want a big zoom but would also like either an optical viewfinder or a well behaved EVF.

I also wanting something about the same size of the 3030Z so I can easily throw this in a cargo pants pocket when hiking or skiing.

ANY tips appreciated. Thank you!

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