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Please help

I just got a new c5060 including wide lens (love it) though
have lot's to learn going Digital.

I have never really used a point and shoot camera,and find it uncomfortable to handle. (I will be buying a portrait battery pack in future) What I need to know is this. I have been leaving on the lens adapter all the time with no visual negative affects. I simply like having something to hold on to similar to using a SLR camera,and also would like to protect that mechanical lens.

Does anyone know of a way to add a uv filter directly to the adapter? (bayonett mount) If so this must not interfere with the lens' capabilities. I bought a uv filter that screws to the lens,but with the converter on it bottoms out when going wide. I would buy a seperate adaptor tube with a threaded end if the lens can function fully with it and a filter attached.

Sorry to be so long winded about this. I really need to accomplish this.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.


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