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How's it goin everyone. I have a decision to make on my next digicam and I need some advice. I'll try and keep this concise.

I'm no computer or imaging newbie, and I've owned a few digicams, all canon. Presently I have a powershot S45, but I'm open to other brands. I'm a design student in Denver, CO and I'm looking for a new camera with a much higher res and great capture quality for graphic design work. I'm looking in the powershot S70 price range, possibly a G6. My issue is: I'm never without my backpack and powerbook, so I'm already carrying around enough. That's part of the reason I've got my eye on the slim yet somewhat powerful powershot line.

So: I'm interested in a fully manual camera that's compact, but image quality and resolution, in the end, reign supreme. I'd like to keep its form factor at least within the G6's, and again I'm open to other brands if they're a real winner.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help!
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