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The answers are in the pics! If you want the background correctly exposed you need to meter it, same with the foreground.

So, large area bright background will dominate the average exposure result of multi mode metering leaving you with under exposed foreground. Spot metering of the foreground will crush the background high lights.

Dynamic range limitations (latitude) prevent both bright background and dark foreground being exposed correctly, If you choose spot metering, you can pop off several shots using bracketed exposure, or go manual and pick the best for improvement in editing.

Your cam accepts a limited range of very bright and dark in the same picture, like contrast on your TV, Exposure only moves the range up or down like TV brightness. Put both extremes in the same pic and you or the cam exposure determines where the range will sit - up or down, but correct exposure showing detail will be for the low or high lights - you decide.

If you really want to shoot this type of picture with auto metering, choose a background of similar reflectance to the foreground i.e grey or one which doesn't reflect light - white is the worst choice.
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