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Sivaram Velauthapillai wrote:

An example of the impact of slow changing industry is the car industry. The prices of cars have not dropped that much in 50 years (note: cars dropped a lot in the beginning, circa 1920s/1930s to 60s). The good thing is that if you buy a car, the prices don't drop that much; but the bad thing is that the affordability of cars is very low. Lower class people have to spend a huge chunk of their income on cars whether they want to or not (if you are into cars that's another story). Furthermore, apart from being more environmentally friendly and safer, car technology hasn't changed that much since the 70's.
you know very little about how high car dpreciation actually is! You say car tech hasnt changed much over the is obvious you are not familiar with the car industry or you would not have made such a daft comment

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