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Great little discussion...I like the idea that Nikon made lots of money. It makes me look at the current prices, and when I compare that to the prices a few years ago, and consider how much more I can get for the same money, I am very hopeful that very soon I'll have me a Canon 20D or better! By making a healthy profit these companies are not going to stop creating newer and better equipment for us. If I thought my skills were good enough to fully take advantage of all the 20D has to offer, I would buy one right now. Lucky for me, there are good choices that fall short of the 20D but still have a lot of technical goodies that will allow me to improve and still have a great range of options to experiment with. I have had my Minolta Dimage 7i for going on three years. I can finally say I know how to use all the various settings and after over 12 thousand pictures I am ready for a new camera. Everything on my 7i works as well as it did when I bought it, with two exceptions. The rubber ring on the manual zoom has loosened and rotates a bit sometimes, but doesn't impede anything, or interfere with overall enjoyment or use of the camera. And the little plastic release lever on the battery compartment launched itself into the air about 10 ft one day while I was opening it to change batteries. Now I have to keep it in a small plastic container in my camera bag, and put it back into place to use it when I open the battery compartment to change batteries. I don't want to give up use of the camera while it gets fixed so I just keep holding it in place with my finger while I change batteries. I am happy to say that the equivalent amount of film for all those pictures makes this experience very cost effective. By continuing to buy newer technology, we are reinvesting our dollars, and in return we get better and less expensive equipment. And for as long as it takes me to make up my mind about what to buy next, I get better and better equipment to choose from while I ponder. Best regards,

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