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Recently a graphic artist I know designed a simple 2-color booklet for a client. The client requested a photograph on the cover. The designer selected a black and white photograph and converted it to a fake duotone (the photo prints as a halftone in blue ink over a block of yellow ink). The client kept asking questions about the photo, such as, “IS THIS A REAL PHOTOGRAPH? Is this what it will look like when it is printed?” The designer explained that the laser proof was a close representation of what it will look like, but because a desktop laser printer doesn’t use Pantone inks, it is not exact. What the client was finally able to verbalize is that she wants a COLOR photograph on the cover. To her, that is the definition of a “real photograph.” The designer exclaimed, “Ansel Adams is rolling over in his grave right now!” Then he told her that he can incorporate a color photo, but because it has to be printed with process inks (and now we're talking 6 different inks for the whole job instead of 2), it is going to cost her more.
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