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Default RF Remote shutter project for the 7i FINISHED!!

At long last I have finished the RF Remote shutter project for the Minolta 5/7/7i/7Hi series of cameras. You can get the schematic and all the info at the link below. Please post feedback on this project, there is always more than one way to "skin a cat" so I would like to hear about it. In the future I will have a circuit with around 1000 feet of range! (although the neat little key fob won't be the transmitter ) .

Pictures will be coming as soon as a get a suitable case and a little time.



There was an errata on my 1/4 wave antenna calculation, please use 8.5" of wire as a receiver antenna instead of 13"

The formula is ((300/(frequency in Mhz)) * 36) /4)
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