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Frank Doorhof
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LOL, you guys crack me up .

The strange thing is the different reactions I get on this session. Some are shocked some love it, curious .

I had allready a while an idea with a gasmask (stolen from a fetish site I was browsing to get some ideas, don't even ask ) and when I found two sitting in a dumpstore I just bought them.
I also bought a camouflage net that same day and thought why not put them together.....
Add some smoke and red lights (from an apparant fire) and here you go.

Veronique had to pick up a computer from our store and I told her my idea, because she lives like 2 hours from me we tried it immediatly (making an appointment takes too long ).

I alway's very carefully look arround at ANYTHING, and ANYTHING will give me inspiration, don't ask me why.... but even the slightest thing can sometimes give me an idea.

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