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Well.....FRANK, I must say this about you and your posts. IMHO, you are a bona fide, Steve's digicam celebrity! You've earned that staus. I am a veritable newb photographer, groping my way around cautiously...trying a little of this and a little of that, in my photo sessions. Getting slowly started in the right direction. I am just getting started in portait photography. I do look at all the people posts, and there are many, many contributers that I admire. But the two I peer at the most thru my reading glasses on the end of my nose, are yours...and Kalypso's. I am delighted when I click on and find a new post from you. My thanks, compliments, and encouragement (again) to you. It's nice to see someone stimulate others with a little originality, and also nice to read the warm humor in all the remarks. All this is going to help me pass my winter much more pleasantly, here in the frozen north.I feel I'm in good company! Best regards,


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