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murphyc wrote:
From the research I've done, I am still confused about how fast the Nikon 80-200 (non AF-S version, I'm talking the one for about $700 with the current rebate) focuses. I've read everything from "it's 80% as fast in focusing as the AF-S" to "it's real slow". There seems to be quite a bit of conflicting information about the focusing speed. Would the 80-200 AFD be fast enough for sports or not? Lens would usually be used on a D1H, sometimes on a D70. I was ready to buy the Sigma but the rebates on the Nikon are tempting, especially when you consider build quality and resale value.
I was curious about this after reading the posts in this thread. So, I dug around and found this user review discussing how the AF performance on the non AF-S version works on different film bodies that you may find of interest. See the handling and performance section:

User Review discussing AF performance

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