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I'm not too sure about this specific line but generally things like that happen due to a marketing strategy where you break up your customers into zones of some sort and try to extract the greatest profit. By using different names and attaching conditions (often lame warranties that are not applicable outside the region), companies can charge different prices. Often, they will charge a higher price in one region and a lower price in another for the exact identical product.

One of the worst uses of this is with the movie industry and DVDs. Generally you can't play a DVD from Europe (region 2?) in North America (region 1). Even when both DVDs are in English (eg. DVD in Britain vs DVD in USA) they are made to be incompatible. The prices that are charged is different too (especially if you get into region 3 (Asia/Australia)).... camera companies using different names and numbers(!) with different prices is very lame too

On a related note, even worse is when companies refuse to release certain products in certain regions for profitability reasons. For example, Sony is not releasing the T3 (high-end ultra-compact; what I consider the best ultra-compact in terms of size (it sucks for manual control though)) in USA because the T1 is selling so well in USA. The differences between the two appear to be minor but still... it would be nice for someone to buy a T3 rather than a T1... this is lame...I'm not in a market for an ultra-compact but it must suck for those ultra-compact fans...

...end of rant ....
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