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I have an FZ20 and love it so was thinking of getting the smaller model (FZ1 or FZ3) for my "point and shoot" wife. Is the flash weak on the FZ1 like it is on the FZ10? Is the picture quality that much improved on the FZ3? (for 8x10 and under). They both have the 1/3.2" CCD so I am assuming(?) that the change from 2.1 to 3.1 megapixels is in the processor and software. Is that close to being right? Also the FZ1 is slightly larger.
I guess I am wondering if the extra $100 to get an FZ3 is worth it. She takes mostly family pics and occasional scenery but is creative and I hope at some time she will "get into it" like we all do. (But then she may want MY camera. Uh oh!)
Any thoughts would be helpfull.

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