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I ended up going with the Nikon 80-200. Just came today (along with Nikon 85/1.8) and did some quick indoor focusing tests with my D1H. Both lenses felt quite quick, real test will come later this week when shooting sports. I finally chose the Nikon over the Sigma 70-200 because:
1. Current $200 rebate means the Nikon is cheaper than the Sigma at most places (about same at Delta Int'l), so the usual Sigma advantage is negated.
2. Since I recently got the D1H and the zoom will usually be on that camera, the HSM of the Sigma became less important.
3. Reliability/durability track record. Nikon has been making this type of lens for many years and has a solid track record for building a tank-like lens. I still had questions in my mind about whether the Sigma would hold up to heavy sports shooting as well. Going along with that, to my way of thinking if you have a lens without an internal motor that could be good since the motor is one more thing that could go wrong.
4. Resale value: Again, strong track record in favor of Nikon. If I decide later lens isn't for me, I can just wait until after the current rebate offer is over and (assuming the next rebate isn't as much) sell the lens for as much or more than I got it for.
Having said all that, I still feel the Sigma would be an excellent choice. If I had just the D70, the extra speed alone would have probably led me to choosing the Sigma.
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