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Hello Gang

This is a bit of Newbie question but also opens a big ugly can of worms, so I'm posting it here.

What factors determine the quality (by which I mean resolution, I guess, rather than aesthetics) of an image captured by a digicam?

I'm not a camera buff, but I discovered a few years back that the factors that really count in analogue photography are (a) lens quality, which determines how much of the image detail gets into the camera body and (b) film quality, which determines how much of that detail is actually recorded. At this point I traded in my zoom lenses for a really nice, fast 50mm prime lense and started experimenting with more interesting film stock. The quality of my snaps - and thats all I take, frankly - improved immensely. (All this assumes that you can get the darn thing in focus and correctly exposed. But even simple point 'n shoot cameras do this for you more often than not)

Now I'm contemplating making the move to digital. But where to begin? Is lens quality just as much of a concern? (I'm guessing that it must be) What determines the amount of detail 'captured' by the digicam other than pixel count? Are some pixels created more equal than others? etc etc

Any advice on these topics - or links elsewhere on the web - garetfully received.

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