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OK, here goes. A well-informed gent named CaptRB has said that the Nikon 8800 is bested for some types of photography by lower cost cameras and I, for one, agree with him. I say this in the context ofmy main photo subjects....birds, insects and other moving objects. Other disagree and I hope that an objective comparison can be made here.

Here's my opinion. I bought an8800 to complement my D70 dSLR (for those days when I didn't want to lug my dSLR). However,after playing with the 8800 for a few maddening days here in Northern France, where the light isn't very good especially in the winter, I exchanged it for a Canon G6. In my experience, the 8800 had a dreadful time focusing in low light so for those whom low light performance is important, please do take might not be happy forking out a grand for an 8800!

Again my opinion...the G6 focusesvery fast and with incredible consistency and, unlike the 8800, has zero shutter lag after half-pressing. It's performance in this regard is the same as the performance of my D70 and this is a technolgical miracle, really. I bought the 8800 originally because the 10X VR seemed just the thing to "get close to the critters", but in reality I had more photos of birds with their noggins facing the wrong way (or just a branch :shock than anything else (i.e. twitchy bird heads move faster than the 8800 can react). So for my application it was a very big disappointment. My G6 with a telephoto multiplier gave me the best of all worlds.....big zoom, fast & accurate & always-razor-sharp focus and no maddening lag. It is a perfect complement to my D70.

Having said that, there are some drop-dead gorgeous photos posted on the "happy 8800" thread including Venetian gondolas, buildings and one photo of a finch. So maybe our birds are more spastic here in France.:lol:

Seriously, as CaptRB correctly states, it is a very very good idea to carefully consider the application versus the camera BEFORE shelling out the big bucks. I'm lucky, my dealer is reasonable and allowed me to trade in the 8800. Had I bought from a lesser dealer, I'd be stuck with it and probably would have thrown it at a Green Woodpecker by now.:evil:

Does anyone have similar experience or an opionion either way?

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