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I have S1 & FZ20. My S1 is better in low light than the Panasonic. I can use !SO 200 on shots with the Canon that I have to use 400 with the Panasonic. Framing the picture in low light is certainly no worse with the Canon especially in the program mode instead of the automatic than it is with the Panasonic & maybe even better. The one flaw with the Canon besides only being 3mp is the manual mode. To set the exposure setting in manual mode with the Canon you have to half press the shutter button which makes the exposure reading appear in upper left corner of screen. Then to adjust the reading you have to release the shutter button which makes the number disappear. You then guess how many times to press the arrow to adjust. Half press shutter to get reading. Release & adjust. Half press to get reading & release to adjust. Finally you have correct exposure. Now you manually focus. It seems that distance range for focus isn't very accurate & the adjustment is hard to control, so again it is a back & forth process. If you simply want a point & shoot with some neat features then the S1 is a great camera. If you'll use the manual mode a lot, save yourself the aggravation & get a FZ. When setting the exposure on a FZ you have a meter that lets you know where you are at all times & then a focus ring on the lens that is easy to use. They both take great pictures & horrible ones.
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