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Default Steve: Spam comming from your site!

I recieved this just now and am not happy, anyone else get this?:


I?m ElectroGuy478 and I read your post in a forum at and you seemed interested in digicams. Since batteries are practically a necessity for digicams, I use rechargeables. I looked at BestBuy and Compusa, but their Rechargeable batteries are sold in packs of 8 for $28.00, that's $3.50 each!!! So I turned to the internet and I found a great site offering great rechargeable batteries for $1.60 a piece. It's really cheap and worth every cent! I'm just trying to do you a favor - I buy from them myself. Save some money! Here?s the link: http://www.(snip).com/nimh.htm

Justin Casper
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