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One is a crop of the other, yes. I've had 2 or 3 saying a similar thing about photo #1 (which indeed is a crop). I'm personally quite tickled at how this bird photographs in the winter landscape, it's surreal.

My monopod won't break the bank, it's about as cheap as they come: OPUS OT-S10M (huge price tag of $30 US). The ball head is a Manfrotto 486, about $60 US. Photographyreview doesn't have much good to say about it but it works for me:

This combo is cheap, lightweight, and if I leave it behind at a shoot I won't kick myself too hard, so all those are advantages to me.

As for the bright light, it would bea puzzle to me why you couldn't get enough light with your F/4 (without the extender) as I had no trouble the other day with my F4 lens. Unless it's all the white snow? It's been extremely clear the past few days, just cold.
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