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Walter C wrote:
There is certainly nothing wrong or unwelcome about critical observations. We all want to know what the limitations and "weaknesses" are, as would be the case with any other camera. The goal should be to see if there are any "work-arounds" that someone has found.
There is something worth considering in RB's (despite the neg. slant on the 8800) comments. I have firsthand knowledge of what it's like to work around a camera's short comings. There are a lot of really likeable, desireable qualities built into my 7i. But the tricks I have to pull to get that thing to focus in some conditions, is really a skill I wish I hadn't hadto develope. The 8800 may fall short in the focus dept, in some conditions. But I'm not convinced it's anywhere near as bad as some situations I've learned to overcome with the 7i. There is merit in working around a problem when you come across one. When I finally get to the point of making my choice for next camera, I will be mindful of what I see here. The prospects of owning a camera with the deluxe options on the 8800 will truly be an incentive to learn all the ins and outs that come with mastering this camera. I can forgive a learning curve if the results justify it, and the overall package is good enough. Best regards,

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