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Capt RB wrote:
<snip> ....hated my G2...and still think my 2MP ultra tiny Sony U30 was amazing! The Canon G2 was awful and I practically got shot when I complained about it's bad focus problems in forums. A couple of years later and everyone now calls the G2 AF system "brain dead." Buyer's remorse and truth take a while to meet on the graph it would seem.

Capt RB
I disagreewith your comments on the G2. While it's AF may not be as good as current cameras, I've taken thousands of pictures with it over the past three years, and I'd say that well over 99.9% were properly focused with correct exposure. And since I happen to have my G2 right here, I just took a few casual shots around my very dimly lithome office... I'm getting exposure times of 1/6 to 1/20 second at F2.0, and focus confirmation was obtained in about 1/2 second. The attached photo is a small globe, exposure was 1/6 second at f3.0 at full telephoto.... light was mixed window and overhead incandescentt ... I used a tripod.... focus lock took about 1/2 sec. Jpeg compression in the camera was set to highest quality, but for the attached pic, I had to set the jpeg compression in APS fairlyagressivelyto get the file size down to what this site will accept. Not exactly a photo masterpiece, but it shows what the G2 can do...


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