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lucky2505 wrote:
"I really wouldn't say that is "SLR-like". I think the only ones that are close to SLR-like are the high-end prosumers (eg. Olympus 8080, Canon Pro1, Sony F828, etc)..."

That's nonsense. None of them (8080, Pro1, Sony F828, FZ10) are true SLR's, but all are in the category which has come to be called SLR-like. What about the 8080, Pro1, and F828 makes them "more" SLR-like than the FZ10?
You sort of have a point (especially if you look at FZ20--not FZ10) but my reasoning is...

The high-end prosumers offer the most features of any camera that is not a DSLR. In particular, here are some key features that seperate the high-end prosumers from the mid-end prosumers (eg. Panasonic FZ20, Canon G6, etc):

* usually the high-end prosumers are faster and are built better (for example, the high-end prosumers use hard plastic, better buttons, zoom rings, etc while the mid-end and lower consumers and prosumers use soft plastic and lame buttons)
* usually the high-end prosumers can the features that experienced amateur photographers would want (eg. raw image output, hot-shoe flash, etc)
* the lens on the high-end prosumers are generally the best found in any digicam (not counting DSLRs)...
* Finally and most importantly (and this is what seperates the high-end prosumers from the rest) the high-end prosumers have the largest sensors found in any digicam. For example, the present models have 2/3" sensor which is much larger than anything in any other digicam (not counting DSLRs). This usually means they can shoot at higher ISOs with less noise. GRanted, they also have more megapixels so it's hard to say how much better they are in concrete terms, but nevertheless, the high-end prosumers are the closest to DSLRs in terms of shooting at high ISOs IMO. Something like the Canon Powershot Pro1 will kill the Panasonic FZ20 when it comes to noise at high ISOs.
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