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That's right NHL,

The Tx is already a go, just the RX will have to be in compliance. And then comes the profit problem.

The unit will have to sell for around $150.00 and I would have to buy parts for at least 50 units lots in order to make $70.00 a unit (and that's if I assemble them myself) The units take about an hour and a half to build and then test if everything goes right. Factor in instruction manuals (probaly in CD PDF format) , taxes and other misc. and I might walk away with lunch money . That's why I just gave the schematic away.

Personally I also feel that $150.00 is too much for the units, even though when you factor in time and materials it falls in the ballpark (30% margin over CGS and Labor). I rather sell the pre-engineered PC boards and let user invest 'sweat equity' into assembling the units and purchasing the parts. That way they save money, I make money with less hassel and everyones happy.

Although I may send a finished unit to some lucky soul for testing just to get a second opinion........
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